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Huaxing Knitting

Huaxing Knitting

 Huaxing Knitting


On Ganbo’s land and the area of Nanchang city in Jiangxi , which is a famous city of knitting  clothing in china, it stands a guidepost and it sounds in the wind, it is the knitting clothing Industrial leader in Nanchang,  which is Nanchang Huaxing Knitting Industrial Co., Ltd.


Nanchang Huaxing Knitting Industrial Co., Ltd. Was built in1992.The leaders of this company show great foresight and contrive to direct, they use the wisdom to get the people from Huaxing to develop towards twists and turns, and they keep pressing onwards, only the glory and achievements of today.


Kindergarten activities and education
Based on the principle of humanized management
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New Year's party and dinner
According to Chinese traditional culture, every New Year is a day for family
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Vision of diversified development
Mostly a diversified company, we innovate and organize a series of
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 Huaxing Knitting
 Huaxing Knitting


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